How to Make Money Online Fast – The Bing Ads Strategy

make money online fastHello and thanks for landing on my blog. Today I wanna share with you the idea about how to make money online fast with Bing ads. The method I am gonna show you has been tested by me personally, so I assume that it is working.

First of all lets find out what is Bing advertising and how it works. Bing – is search network same as Google and you can pay to those companies so they will show your advertising on their search pages. With Bing you gonna be paying for each visitor that click on your ad and visit your website, offer. This type of advertising is called PPC – pay per click. You can apply for Bing advertising account here Bing AdsThe great thing about Bing is that you can get cheap and quality traffic, I suggest you start paying for click from 0.10$. 

Second thing you need to have to make money online fast is offer or product to sell. The best thing to get one is to join affiliate network and promote other peoples products for revenue share – up to 75% per sale. Before choosing product make sure that its website look professional and has good conversion rate %1-4, which means for 100 people you send to the offer you make 1-4 sales.

Example of make money online fast campaign: I know that with Bing Ads, diabetes products convert well, for 100 visitors I get to my offer I make 3-4 sales. So I go to Clickbank, create account with them and pick up product to promote in diabetes niche. Then I go to Bing Ads and create ad with them, I put 0.10$ per click and insert my affiliate link into my ad, so when people buy through this link I get my %75 commission for sale. So if I make 30$ in affiliate commission for each sale, and if I get at least 1 sale per 100 clicks, I am in 20$ profit, cause I have paid $10 for 100 clicks to bing. Then I just create more ads with bing for more traffic and profit.

You can also try to make money online fast with Bing Ads in diabetes niche. Also I can recommend some more niches you can try, they are: lose weight niche, health category with all niches in it (people always spend money to feel and be more healthy).

Also you can use more advanced strategies like building a list of subscribers while making sales, or you can send traffic to CPA offers as well, but those strategies requires more time and effort, and some basic knowledge about creating landing pages and redirecting traffic. So I have decided not to cover those strategies in this article as I cant call them “make money online fast” strategies. But later I will reveal to you complete business plan you can set up with Bing Ads.

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