How to Make Money Online With Your Own Website

Hello and welcome on my blog. Today I am gonna be discussing with you why having a website or blog is so important in online business. And if you are serious about building an online business for long term and want to learn how to make money online on autopilot, then this article is for you.

There are many types of business types you can run: affiliate marketing, list building, selling ebooks, selling courses, youtube marketing, etc. But to my mind if you have your own website that brings you traffic on daily basis on complete autopilot is crucial, cause at the end of the day if you have traffic you can literally do anything you want with it: sell your ebooks, courses, build a list, do affiliate marketing, drive traffic to any offer you want. Just imagine that you have website that brings you traffic on complete autopilot – with this the sky is a limit of what you can earn and achieve.

How to make money online on complete autopilot!? – I can tell you its simple if you have your own website.

Yes you will need to put some hard work in front, maybe it will take months to get your website ranked well, so it will start brining traffic and money, but I think its fair if you put hard work in front and then relax and watch money rolling in, without any hard work in future, do you agree with me ? I think all we want to get to that point where after hard work we get passive income and finally we can say that our business is working for us, but not we are working on our business.

 How to make money online – 3 important things you must know before building a successful website.

 1.How to make money online with your website – important thing number 1.

Pick up topic you like. This one is very important as you will need to write articles for your blog, and if you dont want to spend money on hiring someone to do it for you, you want to pick up topic that you like or familiar with. In this way its gonna be easier for you to fill your blog with fresh new content on daily basis.

 2. How to make money online with your website – important thing number 2.

Do proper keyword research. This one is simple – if you get right keywords you will get ranked fast and easily, means you will start making money faster if you will get the right keywords. So what are those right keywords!? You want to get keywords that have good volume of searches per month and not very strong competition. I recommend not to bother yourself with this one and get cheap keyword research on Fiverr , also you can get on Fiverr website or blog to get build for you, which I recommend if you are not familiar with it and want to spend tongs of time on studying that topic.

 3.  How to make money online with your website – important thing number 3.

On page SEO and off page SEO. This one is very important as well, as if its not done in the right way Google and other search engines will not rank you well, and thats not what we want to happen. The best way to learn about it is to get Ebook or any course that will help you with this one. When you are looking for any type of knowledge you need in online business make sure that its up to date, especially when it comes to SEO, cause search engines rules may change during some time and you want to be aware of them.  There is also cool plugin I recommend , with it you dont even need to learn about SEO as it will tell all you need to do to get ranked well, its here SEOPressor, its cheap only $7 per month and very usefull, I am using it myself ;-).


So now when you know how to make money online on autopilot, all you need is to create action plan and start taking actions.

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